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June 9, 2021

Long and short entanglement steel city before the festival to break the deadlock still need an opportunity

After the college entrance examination and the Dragon Boat Festival small holiday before the need to catch up on replenishment can be triggered, the recent policy news interweave, the impact of the pace of market operation is still large.In the short term, the steel city after the adjustment of profit has fallen to the cost line near the same time long short factor game, continued adjustment space is limited, do not rule out individual period of small rebound, but if there is no significant positive to break the stalem, the pre-festival rebound space will not be very big, the overall […]
May 31, 2021

Carbon peak carbon neutral Chinese steel to explore the world’s forefront

“The steel industry will play a vital role in controlling global warming.” “We should not only pay attention to whether there is overcapacity, but also whether there is enough green capacity.” “The breakthrough technology we’re talking about here is still unproven or even uninvented at this point.” … At the 11th China International Iron and Steel Conference held recently, a great discussion was held with the theme of “Green Steel and Low Carbon Future”, gathering the wisdom of global experts and spanning the fields of industry, education and research. At present, China is the world’s largest producer and consumer of […]
May 26, 2021

“Crazy” steel cooling is expected to return to normal levels in June

When steel prices soar, the mills make a lot of money, but at the bottom of the stream, they lose money, and the industries associated with steel are affected to a greater or lesser extent.Steel mills say price increases are falling so fast that downstream retailers can’t keep up.Unexpected soaring prices increase the operating costs of downstream enterprises and increase the difficulty of operation, thus greatly affecting the purchasing intention, reducing the purchase of goods and reducing the volume of transactions.The recent drop in steel prices, is the inflection point to determine the signal?One answer came in a May 24 […]
March 5, 2020

2020:Resume Work Notice

Hello everyone Thanks for visiting our website. As is well-known, the epidemic of new coronavirus infection spread rapidly across the country during the Chinese New Year in 2020,which caused people to stay at home and can’t return to work on time. Fortunately,the Communist Party leadership had acted decisively from the beginning,to implement effective measures to resolutely curb the disease from spreading. After more than a month of hard fighting,the national efforts against the epidemic have shown results,good news continues to come:the number of infections is falling and the number of cures is rising.Everyting is moving in a positive direction. We […]
December 5, 2018

Asia’s steel trade faces multiple challenges

Weak domestic demand and trade friction are important challenges that the development of the steel industry faces at present, and the abuse of trade protection measures is bringing about adverse impacts in many aspects. For the development of China’s steel market, Xia Xiaokun, who is vice president of Shanghai Mysteel Research Institute. He said, this year, the environmental restricting output normalized steel production fell year-on-year, then the strong toughness of China’s Economic ensure the smooth running of domestic steel consumption. And the whole of China’s iron and steel spot market prices is running at a high state, while the profits […]
August 3, 2018
api gas pipeline

What are the risks of natural gas pipeline construction?

Abstract: The construction of long-distance transportation natural gas pipeline system is to achieve the purpose of long-distance pipeline transportation of natural gas, so that users along the line can obtain the required gas volume to meet the needs of users.       The construction of long-distance transportation natural gas pipeline system is to achieve the purpose of long-distance pipeline transportation of natural gas, so that users along the line can obtain the required gas volume to meet the needs of users. The procedures for pipeline construction are complicated. Long-distance pipeline systems are generally buried pipelines. Pipe trenches need to be dug. For […]
February 24, 2017

Development Tendency of Seamless Steel Pipes in 2017

The situation of domestic steel pipe was negative in 2016. Even has the positive currency policy, the funds was still a headache for steel pipe factories. What’s worse, the slowdown economic growth and frequently blocked export environment deteriorated the harsh situation of domestic market. In 2016, the market will be mingled hope and fear. The hope is due to the negative situation in 2015, the market will accelerate the adjustment of production structure and form a new pattern for steel pipe; besides, the policy will also promote the demands for pipes. The fear is that, the steel pipe industry has […]
February 24, 2017

2017: A Promising Year for China’s Steel

2017 will be a promising year for China’s steel, mainly at: First of all, supply and demand will keep in balance in the next year, but the species differentiation, exports declined. In fact, cold, hot plate growth rate of more than 5%, but building materials, seamless tube have negative growth, the differentiation of the species has been very clear. Currently steel springboard, decoiled steel sheet, hot-rolled plate and other product prices raise steadily. Secondly, the cost will rise next year, mine and coke will greatly enhance, the same to steel, and will keep raise. The third is a qualitative changed […]