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May 19, 2022

Examples of steel pipe pile construction methods

4.1 Drum-type diesel hammer impact pile driving method (1) The method of “heavy hammer and low strike” should be adopted for piling. (2) The pile frame generally adopts a 3-point support crawler pile driver. (3) The elevation of the pile top of the steel pipe pile in the piling sequence is often buried below the natural ground according to the design. During construction, it can be adopted: @ excavate the soil to the design elevation of the pile top before piling; ② The pile top is driven to the natural ground, and then the pipe is cut To the design […]
May 9, 2022

Steel Pipe Piles Overview and Construction Method

1 Overview For more than half a century, steel pipe piles have gradually become one of the main types of piles in foundation engineering. Steel pipe piles are widely used in Shanghai, my country, and some deep-water wharves, Baoshan iron and steel plants, power plants and dozens of high-rise buildings are all based on steel pipe piles. 2 Advantages and disadvantages of steel pipe piles (1) Advantages: Good driving resistance, that is, it can withstand a strong impact force when it is driven into the soil, has a strong ability to penetrate the hard soil layer, and can effectively drive […]
April 25, 2022

Double-layer lined screening pipe&Sand-control screening pipe for oil well

Double-layer lined screening pipe      The double-layer lined screening pipe is composed of a base pipe of API standard, a double-layer high precision wedge wire filter pipe and lined filter material in between.   Characteristics of the product:   1.High-precision screening gap can effectively control sand and act as a protective medium.     2.The use of double-layer lined screening pipe can reduce diameter of drilling hole, save drilling time, and reduce drilling cost.     3. The use of double-layer lined screening pipe can reduce the workload of operators, and improve the success rate of drilling.     4.Filter material can be […]
April 18, 2022

Hole-drilled pipe&Water filter pipe for geothermal well&Water filter pipe of air-conditioning well

Hole-drilled pipe We supply hole-drilled pipes of various specifications and materials and provide hole-drilling services, and you are welcome to call and inquire us! Diameter of hole-drilled pipe:114mm,127mm,140mm,168mm,178mm,219mm,245mm,273mm,325mm,406mm,426mm,530mm,630mm。 Materials of hole-drilled pipe: Stainless steel, carbon steel, J55,N80,and L80. 2. Water filter pipe for geothermal well                  A geothermal well filter pipe is composed of a base pipe of API standard and a wire-wound filter pipe of high precision.   Characteristics of the product:   1.It has strong pressure bearing capacity. With the support of the inner-layer base pipe, even if external filter pipe is […]
April 12, 2022

Wire-wound water filter pipe

Wire-wound water filter pipe A wire-wound water filter pipe is made by welding wedge winding wire and wedge bar (or round bar) at each crossing point. Characteristics of the product: 1.Wire-wound water filter pipe features firm structure, high porosity and accurate size of gap. It is specially fit for fine sand and silt strata of wells.   2.The opening area of the wire-wound water filter pipe is large, and its filtration area is high up to 60%.     3.Wedge-shaped design prevents screening pipe from being blocked and makes it easier for backwash.   4. The larger filtration area makes it easier for […]