Engineering tube

November 5, 2018

Flange anticorrosive steel pipe

Flanges are disc-shaped parts that are most common in plumbing and flanges are used in pairs. In plumbing, flanges are mainly used for the connection of steel pipes. In the pipelines that need to be connected, a variety of flanges are installed, and the low-pressure pipelines can use wire-bonded flanges, and the welding flanges are used at pressures above 4 kg. A sealing point is added between the two flanges and then fastened with bolts. Different pressure flanges have different thicknesses and use different bolts.   Pumps and valves, when connected to the pipeline, part of these equipment, also made into the corresponding flange […]
March 7, 2018


Synopsis of process flow: Using high quality raw material: ST35,ST37 ST37.4 ST52.4, cold drawn, anaerobic bright heat treatment, nondestructive examination. Applicable standard: IS08535-1 (steel tubes for high pressure fuel pipe in compression ignition engine), IS00404-1992 (technical requirements for steel and steel product), IS06892-1984 (tensile testing for metal). Main feasure: High precision, excellent brightness, after heat treatment, steel tube inside and outside wall have no oxide layer, high cleanness inner surface, flushing the inner diameter, anti-rust oil painted. Total impurity<1.5mg/g. Maximun granule 8 degree(^0.2mm). Under high pressure, no deformation after cold bending, the complicated geometrical forming and machining can be realized. […]
October 31, 2017

ASTM A513 Type 1 low carbon steel tubings

Carbon steel, also called plain carbon steel, is a metal alloy, a combination of two elements, iron and carbon, where other elements are present in quantities too small to affect the properties. The only other alloying elements allowed in plain-carbon steel are manganese (1.65% max), silicon (0.60% max), and copper (0.60% max). Steel with a low carbon content has the same properties as iron, soft but easily formed. As carbon content rises the metal becomes harder and stronger but less ductile and more difficult to weld. Higher carbon content lowers steel’s melting point and its temperature resistance in general. ASTM […]
May 11, 2017

ASTM A519 St55 cold drawn precision structure steel tube

Standards: ASTM A519, DIN1629, DIN2391, ASTM A513, BS6323, EN10305-1, JIS3441 Sizes: OD: 10.3mm -711.2mm, W.T.: Hot finish: 0.250”-4.00”, Cold Drawn: 0.035”-0.875” Length: Random Length, Fixed Length, SRL, DRL. Heat Treatment: Annealed, Normalized, Stress relieved, Cold. Grade: Mechanical Tubing: 1010, 1020, 1045, 1518, 4118, 4130, 4135, 4140 Tube for Structures: ST37.0, ST44.0, ST55, ST52
March 22, 2017

DIN1629 St37 round mild seamless structure steel tube

Mechanical Tubing: ASTM A519:ASTM A519 American Society for Testing Material Tube for Structures:DIN 1629 :Deutsches Institut fǖr Normung Size: OD: 10.3mm-711.2mm WT: Hot finish: 0.250″-4.00″ Cold drawn: 0.035″-0.875″ Length: Random Length,Fixed Length, SRL,DRL Heart treatment: Annealed, Normalized,Stress relieved ,Cold Uses: For manufacture of pipelines,vessels,equipment,pipe fittings and steel structures.   Steel Grade Type of deoxidization (R, killed (including semi-killed)) (RR,fully killed) Chemical Composition, % by mass Symbol Material Number C P S N¹) Addition of nitrogen fixing elements (e.g.not less than 0,020% Al total St37.0 1.0254 R 0.17 0.040 0.040 0.009²) – St44.0 1.0255 R 0.21 0.040 0.040 0.009²) – St52.0³) […]
March 11, 2017

ASTM A53 ERW steel pipe Sch40, SRL ERW pipe

ASTM A53B ERW Pipe is meant for mechanical and pressure applications and is likewise appropriate for normal usages in steam, water, gas, and air lines. So, ASTM A53 spec pipe is a very common however extensively appropriate carbon steel pipe specification. And A53B ERW is more popular because ERW pipelines is less expensive than SAW pipes and seamless pipeline, but with appropriate mechanical residential or commercial properties. Product Name ASTM A53B ERW Steel Pipe Sch40, SRL ERW pipe A53B ERW Pipe Diameter 1/2 inch ~ 26 inch Diameter Tolerance acc. to ASTM A53, +/-1% of outside diameter A53B ERW Wall Thickness […]
March 10, 2017

ASTM A106 Grade B Sch 40 Seamless Pipes SRL,DRL with Anti-Corrosion Oil coating

ASTM A106 is the black carbon steel pipe for high-temperature, high-pressure service of seamless pipeline in 3 grades A, B, and C of varying strength. ASTM/ASME A-106/ SA-106 grade smooth pipes is among our most extensively used grade of carbon steel and is easily available ex-stock for all standard densities as much as SCH160. NPS 1-1/2 and under may be either hot completed or cold drawn. NPS 2 and larger shall be hot finished unless otherwise specified. Surface area finish standards are described in the spec. Grades A and B are accessible in the majority of sizes and schedule numbers, […]
February 20, 2017

DIN 1629 ST37 structure tubing

DIN 1629 Seamless Steel pipe Of Non Alloys Steels are made of unalloyed steels, it’s main grades are St 37.0, St44.0, St52.0, Din 1629 seamless steel pipes application fields are: chemical plant, vessels, pipework construction and for common mechanical engineering purposes. Normally DIN 1629 standard are manufactured with no limiting working pressure values. Working temperature is limited below 300℃. Chemical composition: Steel Grade Type of deoxidization (R, killed (including semi-killed)) (RR,fully killed) Chemical Composition, % by mass Symbol Material Number C P S N¹) Addition of nitrogen fixing elements (e.g.not less than 0,020% Al total St37.0 1.0254 R 0.17 0.040 […]
December 23, 2016

DIN 2391 Cold drawn seamless steel tube,ST-52 Seamless Precision steel tubes

Abter steel can supply DIN2391 St52 steel pipe,ST52 chemical composition price and specification ,we are steel suppliers and manufacturer,you can contact us to get DIN2391 St52 steel pipe,ST52 chemical composition application and other information. General description Cold drawn or cold rolled Design as per DIN 2391 / DIN 1630 / EN 10305-1 Steel Grade: ST-35, ST-37.4, ST-52 Outside Diameter (Nominal Size ): 6 – 80 mm Inside Diameter: 2 – 74 mm Wall Thickness: 0,5 – 6 mm Tolerances: Outside Diameter: OD 6 – 30 mm: ± 0,08 mm OD 32 – 40 mm: ± 0,15 mm OD 42 – […]