DIN1629 St37 round mild seamless structure steel tube

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March 15, 2017
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March 25, 2017

DIN1629 St37 round mild seamless structure steel tube

Mechanical Tubing: ASTM A519:ASTM A519 American Society for Testing Material
Tube for Structures:DIN 1629 :Deutsches Institut fǖr Normung
Size: OD: 10.3mm-711.2mm WT: Hot finish: 0.250″-4.00″ Cold drawn: 0.035″-0.875″ Length: Random Length,Fixed Length, SRL,DRL
Heart treatment: Annealed, Normalized,Stress relieved ,Cold
Uses: For manufacture of pipelines,vessels,equipment,pipe fittings and steel structures.


Steel GradeType of deoxidization
(R, killed (including semi-killed)) (RR,fully killed)
Chemical Composition, % by mass
SymbolMaterial NumberCPSN¹)Addition of nitrogen fixing elements
(e.g.not less than 0,020% Al total

Mechanical properties:

Steel GradeUpper Yield Stress ReH
for wall thickness, in mm,
Tensile strength
Elongation(%) A5
SymbolMaterial Numberup to 16over 16 up to 40over 40 up to 65LongitudinalTransverse
St 37.01.0254235225216350²) to 4802523
St 44.01.0256275¹)265¹)255¹)420²) to 5502119
St 52.01.0421355345335500²) to 6502119
¹) For cold finished tube in the NBK condition (annealed above the upper transformation point under shielding gas or in a vacuum), minimum values of yield stress lower than these valued by 20N/mm² are permitted.
²) For cold finished tubes in the NBK condition, minimum values of tensile strength lower than these values by 10N/mm² are permitted.






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