Drill pipe

October 15, 2017

API 5CT L80 Oilfield Casing And Tubing

API 5CT L80 Casing Tubing is a API 5CT Oil Casing Pipe & mainly used for oil well drilling. We manufacture API 5CT L80 Casing Tubing in accordance with the SY/T6194-96 standard, it is available as short thread type and long thread type supplied with their couplings. According to American Petroleum Institute Standard API SPEC 5CT1988 1st edition, the steel grade of API 5CT oil casing pipe can be divided into ten types, including H-40, J-55, K-55, N-80, C-75, L-80, C-90, C-95, P-110 and Q-125. We supply the casing pipe & API 5CT L80 Casing Tubing accompanied with thread and […]
May 26, 2017

API 5DP oil casing and tubing water well drill pipe

Casing: Casing is a large-diameter pipe that serves as the structural retainer for the walls of oil and gas wells, or well bore.It is inserted into a well bore and cemented in place to protect both subsurface formations and the wellbore from collapsing and to allow drilling fluid to circulate and extraction to take place. Tubing: Tubing is pipe used for the transportation of crude oil and natural gas from an oil or gas layer to the surface after drilling is complete.Tubing is manufactured in the same way as casing, except that an additional process known as “upsetting” is applied […]
March 29, 2017

API 5DP X95 oil and gas drill pipe for well drilling 4 1/2″ EU Grade X

1, Name:API 5DP drill pipe 2, Length:R1,R2,R3 3, OD: from 2-3/8″ to 6-5/8″ 4, Grade:G105,R780,S135,E75,X95 Chemical Composition(%) of API 5DP: Grade Chemical composition P S E75 <0.015 <0.003 X95 <0.015 <0.003 G105 <0.015 <0.003 S135 <0.015 <0.003 Tool joint <0.015 <0.003 Mechanical Properties of API 5DP: Pipe body Grade Yield strength Tensile strength Elongation Hardness Full size charpy impact test(J) min max min min Psi MPa Psi MPa Psi MPa HBW HRC Average Single E75 75000 517 105000 724 100000 689 625000A0.2/U0.9 – – 80 65 X95 95000 655 125000 862 105000 724 – – 80 65 G105 105000 724 […]
January 4, 2017

API 5DP Steel Drill Pipe, OD 2 7/8″ EU Grade X95 Oil Drill Pipe for well drilling

API 5DP SPEC drill pipe is a type of steel pipeline with screw thread in the pipe end. It is utilized for linking ground rig devices and drill grinding equipment at the bottom of drilling wells. The main function of drill pipes is to transfer drilling mud to the drill bit. It rises, decreases and turns together with the drill bit. Its strength must withstand the pressure, torque, vibration and other forces caused by the drill hole. In the oil and gas exploration and refining procedure, API 5DP drill pipe can be utilized for several times. JST supplies a variety […]
November 10, 2016

API 5DP drill pipe, Grade E75, OD 127mm , wall thickness 12.7mm

Drill pipe is hollow, thick-walled piping that transfers drilling fluid and torque through the wellbore to the drill bit on a drilling rig. It is made to endure serious internal and external pressure, distortion, bending, and vibration as it both rotates and lifts the bottom hole assembly (BHA). Drill pipe is threaded on each end in a section of pipe described as the tool joint. It is manufactured, sampled, tested, and inspected in accordance with basic specs such as the American Petroleum Institute (API). Drill pipe Grade: E75, X95, G105, S135 . The wear-resistant belt of tool joint: Arnco 100XT, 200XT, 300XT, 400XT Internal coating drill pipe: TK34, DPC, TC2000, TC3000 Drill pipe API SPEC 5DP defines the technical delivery conditions for […]
June 26, 2016

drill pipe

Drill pipe is an industrial tubular utilized to drill into the ground. There are 3 major industries that use drill pipe. One of the most typical application of drill pipe is in the oil as well as gas sector. Another market that makes use of drill pipe is the below ground construction sector, or more especially, the Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) industry. The water well piercing market additionally makes use of drill pipe. Drill pipe make up over half of all product sales for E&M Supply Group Co., that happily offers all 3 of these major sectors. At Hebei Abter, […]