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August 3, 2018

Steel Pipe Coating Solution

Steel Pipe Coating Solution

ABTER STEEL offers pipes with different coatings to meet the most stringent international standards for onshore and offshore oil and gas projects. In addition to our own coatings, we work closely with coatings manufacturers worldwide.

Thanks to the know-how of coated pipes required for offshore operations, ABTER STEEL pipes can be used in ultra-deep waters and other difficult operations.

We work with global coating manufacturers to offer a wide range of coating products such as:

Corrosion resistant outer coating
Inner coating
Concrete weighting layer
Thermal insulation coating
We can also coat double-length pipe. In addition, we offer custom coating services for accessories such as elbows and benders. We also offer coating accessories such as connector joints.

A new chapter in coating solutions in West Africa

In the past ten years, ABTER STEEL has applied pipe products in Nigeria’s offshore and onshore line pipe projects and implemented them in the most demanding environments such as Usan, Akpo, Bonge, Gbaran and Erha.

ABTER STEEL is now ready to offer a complete casing line and coating solution, manufactured in Nigeria, to service complex operations in West Africa.

ABTER STEEL and Prime Investment and Enterprise Services Ltd. reached an agreement to acquire a 40% stake in Nigerian Tube Coating Machines Corporation (PCN), the most powerful Nigerian coating manufacturer in the Freeport Zone of Enna. This partnership combines ABTER STEEL’s industrial know-how with PCN’s proven expertise and its influence in the local coatings industry.

Through this acquisition, ABTER STEEL was able to leverage the resources of Nigeria to provide the following coating services:

External anti-corrosion coating: FBE, 3PE and 3PP coatings for tubes up to 42″ in diameter
In-line coating
Negative buoyancy concrete weighting layer
External multilayer polymer thermal barrier coating 5LPPSynt
Sacrificial Bracelet Anode Assembly
Welding services (double, triple and quadruple joints)

Pipe external corrosion protection system

ABTER STEEL works with major international coatings companies to provide external corrosion protection for offshore line pipes using sintered epoxy and three-layer polyethylene/polypropylene anti-corrosion systems.

Fusion epoxy coating system

The fusion bonded epoxy (FBE) coating system is an external application of thermosetting resins for pipes. It is applied as a dry powder to the surface of the heated steel tube to form a coating having a thickness of 400-600 microns. Once the coating is applied and cured, the epoxy film will exhibit superior hardness and adhere well to the surface of the steel. The fusion bonded epoxy (FBE) coating has uniform surface properties and good chemical resistance.

The fusion bonded epoxy coating system provides protection at the right temperature (-40oC to 85oC) and has two features:

Bonded Epoxy Coatings Duality: Recommended for subsea pipelines and tapping operations in harsh environments. The fusion bonded epoxy coating has good impact resistance and wear resistance, and has good elasticity, which can prevent coating damage during pipeline transportation and construction.
Slip resistance of a sintered epoxy coating: This coating system forms a rough, non-slip surface on the pipe and subsequently forms a concrete coating.
Three-layer structure coating system polyethylene and polypropylene

The three-layer external corrosion protection system is formed by extruding a copolymer adhesive coating based on a high-performance sintered epoxy coating and finally extruding a polyethylene or polypropylene coating to a desired thickness.

This coating system protects the pipeline at the following operating temperatures:

Three-layer polyethylene: for temperature range: 40oC to 85oC
 Three layer polypropylene: for temperature range: -40oC to 110oC
In addition to the chemical properties and viscosity of epoxy powders, polyethylene coating systems also have physical and mechanical properties. The polypropylene coating system ensures performance at high temperatures.

Advantages of a three-layer structural coating system

Good corrosion resistance. When exposed to acidic or alkaline media, it ensures long life in highly corrosive soils
Strong adhesion to steel: 20 times more viscous than traditional plastic belt systems
Good cathode stripping test results
Good mechanical resistance
No leak coating: The coating formed by hot extrusion has a continuous shape, uniform thickness, no bubbles, no leak coating.
High dielectric resistance
Good bending performance in pipe laying applications
High water resistance: High-density polyethylene and polypropylene three-layer structure anti-corrosion layer system has low water permeability and can better isolate surrounding seawater compared with other coating systems.

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