July 26, 2022

Inquiry for Pipe Seamless – Carbon Steel, Low alloy Steel, from Lagos, Nigeria

Dear Ma/Sir, We are extending this bid to your company for the below  materials we want to procure. kindly treat as top urgent with a quotation. S/NDESCRIPTIONUOMQTY 1 Pipe Seamless – Carbon Steel, Low alloy Steel PCS 100 2 Pipe Seamless – Stainless Steel PCS 102 3 Pipe Welded – Carbon Steel, Low alloy Steel PCS 110 4 Pipe Welded – Stainless Steel PCS 112 5 Pipe seamless & Welded – Hi Alloy Steel (N04400 & N06600) PCS 113 6 Wrought Fitting (BW) – All Material PCS 200 7 Forged Fitting (O-lets included) – All Material PCS 220 8 Flanges and Disc […]
July 26, 2022

RFQ MR. supply of carbon steel pipes and Elbows

Kindly provide us with your quotation to cover the supply of the materials specified as per the following and attachment:- RFQ#202202316/MR. supply of carbon steel pipes and Elbows.          Validity of your offer(minumum 20 Days) Delivery Period(production date + shipping date) Terms of payment: will be discussed Shipping details Shipment: Ex-work, Fob and CFR Aqaba Seaport Country of Origin ; Country of Shipment Officially offer from your company to our company in PDF and excel sheet or word sheet. (MTC) mill test certificate; B/L; packing list and invoices will supply with  Goods.      Expect to receive your valued offer on or before  30/9 […]
July 20, 2022

PETRO-CO Inquiry ASTM-A312 GR . SS 304L & TP316L pipe , ERW , BEVELED ENDS no.PTC-98-045-FB

     I would appreciate it if you submit your best price based on the following inquiry: Item Unit Quantity Description PIPE ,SS 304L , ERW , BEVELED ENDS MAT TO ASTM-A312 GR . TP 304L , LENGTH 20 FT MAT. OPEN HEART ELECTRIC FURANCE, SS TO ASTM-A312 GRADE TP 304L, WALL TICKNESS & SCHEDULE TO ASME B36.10 1 MT 3 SIZE: NOM 28 IN , OD IN: WT 0.312 IN , SCHED NO: 28.000 10S PIPE , AUSTENITIC STAINLESS STEEL 316L TO ASTM-A312 GRADE TP316L ELECTRO FUSION WELDED , BEVELLED ENDS, MAT. OPEN HEART ELECTRIC FURANCE, LENGTH 20 FT 2 MT 24 SIZE: NOM […]
July 20, 2022

ALDEAL LTD INQUIRY, for Offshore Drilling TUBES

Dear Sirs/Mmes, good day, On behalf of our customer in Offshore Drilling, we kindly referring to his inquiries, for your kind knowledge. TUBING 4-1/2’’ (114.3×6,88 mm), 12.6 PPF, L-80 PSL2,Standard API5CT, VAM TOP CONNECTION, PSL-2, R-2 è 90.000 meters TUBING 3-1/2’’ (88,9 x 6,45 mm),   9.2 PPF, L-80 PSL2,Standard API5CT, VAM TOP CONNECTION, PSL-2, R-2 è 50.000 meters Please support us with your financial offer, –           please inform us with the TOTAL PIECES per tube type. –           please inform us with the TOTAL metric TONS-mt per tube type. –           We will need along with your financial offer, to receive your analytical technical report/description, per given item. […]
July 17, 2022

Ultrasonic testing of seamless steel pipes with matrix arrays

Seamless pipes are demanding and high-technology products. Especially in the oil and gas industry, but also in power plants, they are subject to the most stringent quality requirements. Ultrasonic NDT benches are ideal to detect potential inhomogeneities at industrial speed in rough environments. Using Phased-Array technology with additional Paint-Brush technique gives the opportunity of gapless detection up to ± 45° relative to the axial orientation at full production speed [1]. The use of 2D-Phased-Array Transducers has the potential to overcome this limitation, since they naturally allow to detect defects under any orientations. Within this paper, we present a fully parallelized, […]
July 15, 2022

Quality requirements for seamless steel pipes

(1) Quality requirements ①Chemical composition of steel: The chemical composition of steel is one of the most important factors affecting the performance of seamless steel pipes, and it is also the main basis for formulating process parameters for rolling and heat treatment of steel pipes. Alloying elements: intentionally added, according to application Residual elements: brought into steelmaking, properly controlled Hazardous elements: strictly controlled (As, Sn, Sb, Bi, Pb), gases (N, H, O) Out-of-furnace refining or electroslag remelting: improve the uniformity of the chemical composition in the steel and the purity of the steel, reduce the non-metallic inclusions in the billet […]
July 9, 2022

ASTM, JIS & EN SPECIFICATIONS:Chemical composition ,Mechanical properties,Bending test ,Hydrostatic test

Chemical composition ,Mechanical properties,Bending test ,Hydrostatic test, Flattening test, Bending test, Hydrostatic test PDF DOWNLOADS: ASTM A589 BS 1387 BS 3601 BS 3602 BS 1775 ASTM A135 ASTM A178 ASTM A252 ASTM A53 ASTM A500 ASTM A513 ASTM A249 ASTM A671 ASTM A672 JIS G3445 JISG3444,JIS A5525,JIS G3474 EN10255 EN10217-1 ISO9330-1              
July 9, 2022

API 5L Line Pipe Schedule

API 5L Line Pipe Schedule: Test pressure,SzeNominal, Outside diameter, Wall thickness,Weight pdf downloads: API 5L line pipe schedule   API5L(PSLI/PSLII)  API5CT  : Chemical composition,Tensiles trength,Yield point (min.) ,Elongation (min.)(%),NDT (Non-DestructiveTest) PDF: 03 API 5L PSL1 PSL2 API 5CT SPECIFICATIONS
July 9, 2022

erw ,roll bending pipes,sprial pipes,different manufacturing processes

pdf downloads: welded pipes different manufacturing processes MAJOR PODUCTION USAGE: The manufacturing process of different welded pipes,Comparison table of steel pipe manufacturing standard grades in different countries. pdf  downloads:02.Comparison table of steel pipe manufacturing standard grades in different countries