July 6, 2020

3LPE Coated Pipe for Qatar

3PE, we also called 3LPE.It is used in transferring natural gas, crude oil and refined oil product over long distances. It also can be used in the urban fuel gas piping system, storage tanks, and groove piping system. 3PE’s main purpose is protecting pipes which used in electricity and communication industries and water piping systems.   Layers of 3PE coated steel pipe Just as its name implies, 3PE coating including 3 Layers. The first layer of 3PE coating: Fusion bonded epoxy, which thickness is larger than 100μm. ( Thickness of FBE coated >100μm ) The second layer of 3PE coating: Adhesive layer. It is binding […]
September 9, 2016

3pe steel pipe

Pipe has 3 layer PE antisepsis structure: the very first layer with epoxy powder (FBE > 100um), the second layer with adhesive (ADVERTISEMENT), 170 ~ 250um, the 3rd layer with polyethylene (PE) 2.5 ~ 3.7 mm. 3PE anti-corrosion is the most typically utilized technique of anti-corrosion, in addition to 2PE, 2PP, 3PP, their manufacturing process is comparable to but different raw products, this anti-corrosion characteristics of the easy fabrication procedure, the preservative effect, inexpensive pipe production industry normally concur that deterioration 3PE anticorrosive steel pipe characteristics: 1, extremely high tightness, which can greatly conserve energy, minimize expenses, safeguard the environment […]