Seamless tube market trend from what factors analysis
July 6, 2021
ASTM A106 GR.B SMLS Pipe for Turkey Client
July 14, 2021

The advantage of the ERW

First of all, the quality of raw materials used in ERW production has been significantly improved. The steel composition design is low in C, P, S and microalloying.The adoption of new technologies such as converter smelting, ladle refining, vacuum degassing and continuous casting in the smelting process;The appearance size, appearance quality and physical and chemical properties of hot rolled strip for large and medium caliber ERW steel pipe are greatly improved by the use of controlled rolling and controlled cooling technology in rolling process.

Followed by the large and medium caliber ERW steel tube forming welding heat treatment process such as the production process to achieve the automatic computer control, high frequency welding heat input energy along with the computer in the process of automatic compensation system has been effectively controlled, prevent the welding heat input energy on the low side caused by cold welding, virtual welding, and heat input energy on the high side and burnt.The control of medium frequency heat treatment temperature enables the heat treatment process to achieve the best effect according to the technological requirements and effectively ensures the quality of the weld and heat affected zone.In addition, the progress of detection technology, online or offline full weld ultrasonic or eddy current exploration damage, hydraulic test can also be monitored by the computer, according to the requirements of pressure test and pressure stabilization.The promotion and implementation of ISO9000 system standard and APIQ1 specification make the production, inspection, sales and service of large and medium caliber ERW steel pipe in a whole process of quality assurance.

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