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February 13, 2018
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February 20, 2018

Wire Wound Screen (Filter Pipe)

The all-welded wire wound sieve pipe is widely used in the oil, gas and water well sand control industries all over the world. Its position in the well industry is particularly prominent. It is the most widely used filter screen of various water resources.

Hengying screen using the world’s most advanced all around the welding production process, the application of special trapezoidal wire winding in a circumferential array of supporting wire welded together. Full range of welding, to ensure the product is strictly continuous integrity, so that it forms the ideal gap size, and have the maximum capacity to withstand high pressure.

Each production link by the professional production of advanced sophisticated equipment for professional production. Product specifications and raw materials can be customized according to customer needs, all products are strictly in accordance with the standard SY / T 5182-2008 production testing to ensure product quality, thus ensuring the interests of our customers, the most economical investment to obtain the highest production efficiency.

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