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জুন 26, 2016
lsaw ইস্পাত নল
LSAW ইস্পাত নল
জুন 26, 2016

ERW ইস্পাত নল

Ext-ইস্পাত নল

দ্য ERW ইস্পাত নল is also known as straight joint pipe. According to the wall density, the bonded tube is categorized into typical types and thick-walled types. We can offer items with personalized wall thickness according to customersparticular requirement with a thickness deviation of no more than 0.25 মিমি.

With sizes between 1/2 inch and 24 ইঞ্চি, our ERW steel pipes go through rigorous examinations and tests, so about make sure the welding quality, external size precision, ovality, cut lengths, pipe end quality, wall density tolerance, and packaging quality are all conforming to API5L, ASTMA53, গিগাবাইট / T9711.1, or GB/T3091 standards. এছাড়াও, we can make the item according to the standard needed by customers.

প্রযুক্তিগত উল্লেখ
ফাইলের আকার বিন্যাস: 1/2 ইঞ্চি ~ 24 ইঞ্চি (21.3 ~ 610mm).
প্রাচীর বেধ: 0.5 ~ 16mm.
প্রয়োজন: এপিআই 5L, এএসটিএম A53, গিগাবাইট / T9711.1, গিগাবাইট / T3091.
ইস্পাত গ্রেড: GR.A, Gr.B, X42, X46, X52, X56, X60, X65, X70.
End surface: সাধারণ শেষে, বেভেল শেষ, thread, coupling, plastic cap.
Pipe finish: Black vanish, bare, clear oil.

erw steel pipe process

erw steel pipe process

1. Uncoiling.
2. Strip Leveling.
3. End Cutting.
4. End Shearing and Welding.
5. Accumulator.
6. বিরচন.
7. Induction Welding.
8. Joint Heat Treatment.
9. air/Water Cooling.
10. Seam/Body UT.
11. Straightening and sizing.
12. Cutting.
13. Visual and Dimension Inspection.
14. Hydrostatic পরীক্ষা.
15. End Facing and Chamfering.
16. Flattening Testing.
17. অবস্থানসূচক.
18. Length-Measuring and Weighing.
19. Seam/End UT.
20. লেপ.
21. Storage.

The ERW steel pipe is also understood as straight seam pipe. According to the wall density, the bonded tube is categorized into common types and thick-walled types. We can offer items with customized wall density according to customersspecific requirement with a thickness discrepancy of no more than 0.25 মিমি.

With sizes between 1/2 inch and 24 ইঞ্চি, our ERW steel pipes undergo strict inspections and tests, so as to make sure the welding quality, external diameter accuracy, ovality, cut lengths, pipe end quality, wall thickness tolerance, and packaging quality are all conforming to API5L, ASTMA53, গিগাবাইট / T9711.1, or GB/T3091 requirements.

বিশেষ উল্লেখপরিসর
বাইরে ব্যাসার্ধ1/8 ইঞ্চি 24 ইঞ্চি
প্রাচীর বেধmax 26.5mm

Tolerance of Outside Diameter

মানবাইরে ব্যাসার্ধপাইপ শেষ সহনশীলপাইপ দেহ সহনশীল
এপিআই 5L219.1~273.1+1.6মিমি, -0.4মিমি± 0.75%
274.0~320+2.4মিমি, -0.8মিমি± 0.75%
323.9~457+2.4মিমি, -0.8মিমি± 0.75%
508+2.4মিমি, -0.8মিমি± 0.75%
559~610+2.4মিমি, -0.8মিমি± 0.75%

প্রাচীর বেধ এর সহনশীলতার

মানশ্রেণীবাইরে ব্যাসার্ধপ্রাচীর বেধ
এপিআই 5Lএকটি219.1~457+15%, -12.5%
বি508~610+17.5%, -12.5%
X42-X80508~610+19.5%, -8%

রাসায়নিক বিশ্লেষণ ও যান্ত্রিক বৈশিষ্ট্য

মানশ্রেণীশ্রেণীরাসায়নিক বিশ্লেষণ(%)যান্ত্রিক বৈশিষ্ট্য(আমাকে)(এমপিএ)
সিmnপিএসপ্রসার্য স্ট্রেংথউত্পাদন শক্তি
এপিআই 5LPSL1বি



19 মন্তব্য

  1. i want to bry erw pipe বলেছেন:

    Exactly what is the difference between erw pipeline as well as seamelss pipes?

  2. Bennyneurb বলেছেন:

    Difference between ms pipe and erw pipe?

    • অ্যাডমিন বলেছেন:

      MS pipe refers to mild steel pipe and ERW pipe is electric resistance welding pipe. The difference is ERW is made of very fine hard steel, while MS (black pipe) is made of malleable steel.

  3. Alfredkal বলেছেন:

    How to identify seamless steel pipe and Erw welded pipe??

    • অ্যাডমিন বলেছেন:

      ERW ইস্পাত নল:You can see the weld straight down the length of the pipe.
      বিজোড় ইস্পাত নল : You can’t see the welded straight lengthon the steel pipe

      • অ্যাডমিন বলেছেন:

        If it is ASTM A53, Type S means seamless.
        Type F is furnace but welded,
        Type E is Electrical resist welded.
        To identify that a pipe supplied is seamless or ERW, Simply read the stencil on the side of the steel pipe.

        • অ্যাডমিন বলেছেন:

          Put H2So4 or HNo3 acid on the edges.
          It is only possible when the pipe ends are open. You can do a Macro-test.
          If it is welded, it will show the weld boundries. If not welded it will not show edges.

  4. Bhrsian Snoli বলেছেন:

    what is the Process erw pipe?

    • অ্যাডমিন বলেছেন:

      Process erw pipe is specially designed for particular applications to ensure that it will meet health and safety standards, in addition to suiting the needs of a given manufacturing process.
      Process erw pipe is the system of pipes transport process fluids, such as industrial gases, fuels or water, around an industrial facility involved in the manufacture of products or the generation of power.

  5. Binanceorem বলেছেন:

    Is this the erw steel pipe low carbon steel or high carbon steel ?

  6. ScottKag বলেছেন:

    What is api for short?

    • অ্যাডমিন বলেছেন:

      API American Petroleum Institute standard –এপিআই (American Petroleum Institute) abbreviation.
      While manufacturing ERW steel pipes, only high-quality, continuous-cast, পুরোপুরি নিহত, control-rolled, fine-grain, low-carbon steel is used. High performance ERW steel pipes and tubing possess high strength corrosion resistance, high deformability, high strength and high toughness.

  7. Eluddilt বলেছেন:

    Is there an oil casing made of welded ERW pipe?

    • অ্যাডমিন বলেছেন:

      Yes, অবশ্যই.
      My Company is Quality Seamless Casing Pipe manufacturers & exporter. ABTER STEEL SALES Hot Rolled Seamless Casing Pipe NonAlloy API 5CT K55 J55 N80 For Oil / Gas Drilling from China manufacturer.

  8. RubenClido বলেছেন:

    What is the erw production process?

    • অ্যাডমিন বলেছেন:

      The first process of producing Erw Tube is hoop slitting hot coil in a fixed width. ঢালাই করার পর & removing bead through forming roll,the form of Erw Tube is sized at the sizing roll within the common difference,cut with lighteousness foot,going through roughing tube inspection and having degree of straight collected at straightner.The end section of tube goes through water pressure testing for correcting the pressure according to the size after being faced plain or bevel to its use.

  9. Zafar-Islamov-an বলেছেন:

    Structurals and Standard Pipe : TMK produces hot finished structural hollow sections of non-alloy and fine grain steel according to the standard DIN EN 10210-1,2 and cold-formed seamless and welded carbon steel structural tubing in rounds in accordance with ASTM A500.

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