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June 26, 2016
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June 26, 2016

postupak lulu

postupak lulu

postupak lulu

Drill pipe is an industrial tubular utilized to drill into the ground.

Postoje 3 glavne industrije koje koriste postupak lulu.

Jedan od najčešći aplikacija proceduru cevi je u ulju kao i sektor gasa. Drugo tržište da kroz proceduru lulu je na ispod zemlje građevinski sektor, ili više posebno, horizontalnog pravca bušenje (HDD) industrija.

Vodu pa dodatno pirsing na tržištu kroz proceduru lulu. Postupak lulu nadoknaditi više od polovine od svih prodaja proizvoda E&M za nabavku Group Co., Rado to sve nudi. 3 od ovih glavnim sektorima. U Hebei Abter, we have the biggest selection of drill pipe for sale in the Gulf region, makings us the # 1 drill pipe supplier.

Readily available steel grade of API spec 5DP Drill Pipes: E 、 X 、 Г 、 S.
Hard Banding sort of API spec 5DP Drill Pipes:.
Readily available Internal Coating of API spec 5DP Drill Pipes: TK34, TK34P, TC2000( These will certainly be according customer’s demand).
Routine dimensions of Drill Pipe in акција are also readily available.
All manufacturing and examination of Drill Pipes are accordance with API spec 5DP criterion.

The oil as well as gas industry is where drill pipe is made use of the most. Each 31ft length of drill pipe is screwed together one by one, and also collectively they are called the drill string. Drill collars and heavy-weight drill pipe are also parts of the drill string. At the bottom of the drill string is the drill little bit, which does the real boring right into the earth. All oilfield drill pipe is pierced right into the ground vertically by the drilling rig. Depending on the suggested place and also positioning of the oil well, the direction of the drilling is sometimes altered to horizontal. In contrast to various other sectors that utilize drill pipe, oilfield drill pipe is made to hold up against the most difficult working problems. This is mainly as a result of the extreme midsts it is utilized and the severe problems of the planet at those depths. Some drill string lengths are in unwanted of 30,000 фт.

Drill collars and also heavy-weight drill pipe are likewise components of the drill string. In comparison to other industries that utilize drill pipe, oilfield drill pipe is made to hold up against the toughest working problems. Some drill string lengths are in unwanted of 30,000 фт.

If you need to buy drill pipe, pipeline a look at appearance up-to-date drill pipe inventory pipeline stock what sizes exactly what weights we can offerCould provide request and also quote from Abter.

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