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December 5, 2018

Asia’s steel trade faces multiple challenges

Weak domestic demand and trade friction are important challenges that the development of the steel industry faces at present, and the abuse of trade protection measures is bringing about adverse impacts in many aspects. For the development of China’s steel market, Xia Xiaokun, who is vice president of Shanghai Mysteel Research Institute. He said, this year, the environmental restricting output normalized steel production fell year-on-year, then the strong toughness of China’s Economic ensure the smooth running of domestic steel consumption. And the whole of China’s iron and steel spot market prices is running at a high state, while the profits […]
September 27, 2018

Seamless Steel Pipe for vessels, equipment, fittings and mechanical structures

GB/T8162 – China National Standard  ASTM  A53 – American Society for Testing and Materials Standard ASME SA53 – American Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code Uses: for the manufacture of seamless pipes for pipes, containers, equipment, pipe fittings and mechanical structures Mainly produced steel pipe grades: 10, 20, 35, 45, Q345, 15CrMo, 12Cr1MoV, A53A, A53B, SA53A, SA53B, etc. Dimensional tolerances: Steel pipe type Outer diameter (D) Steel pipe wall thickness (S) Cold drawn tube Steel pipe outer diameter (mm) Allowable deviation (mm) Steel pipe wall thickness (mm) Allowable deviation (mm) >30~50 ±0.3 ≤30 ±10% >50~219 ±0.8% Hot rolled tube >219 ±1.0% >20 ±10%   Mechanical […]
May 21, 2018
A53 Seamless & Welded (ERW) Steel Pipe

Steel weight calculation formula

Steel weight calculation formula  steel formula –steel weight calculation formula –mass calculated steel steel weight (kg) = 0.02466 × thickness × (outer diameter – wall thickness) × length  bar Weight (kg): Weight per meter = 0.00617 * diameter * diameter  rebar weight (kg) = 0.00617 × × diameter was calculated diameter × length (rebar and the same round)    square steel weight (kg) = 0.00785 × side edge width × length × width  angle weight (kg) = 0.00785 × (edge width edge width + – edge thickness) × length × thick side  plate weight (kg) = 7.85 × × thickness area  […]
March 15, 2017

The development of steel tubular towers

Compared with foreign countries, the steel structure of transmission tower in China has a single variety, low strength value and little choice. When the tower load is large, only the composite section can be used to make up the shortage of material strength, and the workload and investment of design and processing are increased. The United States “transmission Tower Design Guide” in a total recommended 10 kinds of material standards for designers to choose, the yield strength of high-strength steel reached 448MPa.   ERW galvanized steel pipe for steel structral  Product name ISO65 ERW galvanized welded steel pipe Technique Longitudinal Electronic […]
February 24, 2017

U.S. Measurement Pipe Dimensions

1.Place your pipe on a flat surface. 2.Measure the outside diameter of the pipe using a micrometer or caliper. Write down that measurement. 3.Measure one inch from the end of the pipe with a tape measure or caliper and make a small mark with a permanent marker. 4.Count the number of threads in that inch. Write down that number. Compare that measurement with a pipe measurement chart. 5.Place your pipe on a flat surface. 6.Measure the outside diameter of that pipe with a micrometer or caliper and write down that measurement. 7.Measure the distance between any two adjacent threads on […]
February 24, 2017

Development Tendency of Seamless Steel Pipes in 2017

The situation of domestic steel pipe was negative in 2016. Even has the positive currency policy, the funds was still a headache for steel pipe factories. What’s worse, the slowdown economic growth and frequently blocked export environment deteriorated the harsh situation of domestic market. In 2016, the market will be mingled hope and fear. The hope is due to the negative situation in 2015, the market will accelerate the adjustment of production structure and form a new pattern for steel pipe; besides, the policy will also promote the demands for pipes. The fear is that, the steel pipe industry has […]
February 24, 2017

Large diameter welded pipe cooling way

Cooling in cooling bed has a chain of cooling bed, worm cooling conveyor and rack-type cooling bed. According to the performance requirements of large diameter welded pipe, can use different ways to cool. Forced cooling. Large diameter welded pipe for metal has certain organization and physical properties, should take the control of cooling speed. Such as bearing tube, in order to prevent the precipitation of carbide network, cooling rate no less than 50-70 – c/min, and take the way of ventilation or water mist forced cooling. Natural cooling. There is no special performance requirements of large diameter welded pipe, can […]
February 24, 2017

2017: A Promising Year for China’s Steel

2017 will be a promising year for China’s steel, mainly at: First of all, supply and demand will keep in balance in the next year, but the species differentiation, exports declined. In fact, cold, hot plate growth rate of more than 5%, but building materials, seamless tube have negative growth, the differentiation of the species has been very clear. Currently steel springboard, decoiled steel sheet, hot-rolled plate and other product prices raise steadily. Secondly, the cost will rise next year, mine and coke will greatly enhance, the same to steel, and will keep raise. The third is a qualitative changed […]
February 24, 2017

China’s Economy to Promote the World Economic Integration

“In the economic globalization today, there is no isolated island.” Abter Steel Group believes that in line with the economic law of economic globalization, conforms to the interests of all parties, is the trend of The Times. And economic globalization is a double-edged sword, both for the global development provide strong momentum, also brought some new challenges, new situation need to seriously face. Facing reverse the tide of globalization, rising protectionism, Jinping Xi in apec leaders meeting in Lima, chairman of a strong response, there is no way out “protectionism”, “we can’t because at that time the difficult to stop, […]
February 24, 2017

Application of the Spiral Steel Tubes

What is the scope of application of the spiral steel tubes Spiral steel pipes are widely used industrial, construction and other industries of steel, is widely used in various production areas, both inside and outside, oil, gas, sewage treatment plant, water, water supply and drainage, water conservancy project construction pile driving with steel tube, the signs, overhead Bridges and other industries. 1, generally low pressure fluid conveying with seam submerged arc spiral welded pipe scale on hot rolled steel coil tube billet, often temperature spiral forming, adopting double automatic submerged arc welding or one side welding into legal system for […]