LIGHT GAUGE STAINLESS STEEL WATER PIPES _ Thin-walled stainless steel tube
February 26, 2018
DIN EN 10210 Structural Pipe, Chemical Compositon and Mechanical Properties
March 3, 2018

HEATEXCHANGER STAINLESS STEEL TUBE FOR BOILER, _ Stainless steel tube for boiler heat exchanger

Material (Grade): TP304 / 304L, TP316 / 316L

Standard (Standard): GB 151-1999: “shell and tube heat exchanger” HG20537.2-92: “shell and tube heat exchanger” HG20537.2-92: “shell and tube heat exchangers used in the austenitic stainless Steel welded pipe technical requirements “

ASTM A249/A249M-04a:《Standard Specification for Welded Austenitic Steel Boiler, Superheater, Heat-Exchanger, and Condenser, Tubes))

Outer diameter O. D): 15.88 ~ 114.3mm Wall thickness (W_T): 1.0 ~ 3.00mm

(Welding method): TIG welding or argon plasma welding (TIG or TLG + Plasma)

(Application): boilers, heat exchangers, condensers (Boiler, Heat Exchanger, Condenser tubing )

(Packing): bundles or wooden packaging (Sea Worthy Bundle or Wooden case)

Specifications (Specification)

Outer diameter (in)

Outer diameter


Thickness 1.0 (mm)


Thickness 1.20 (mm)


Thickness 1.24 (mm)


Thickness 1.50 (mm)Thickness 1.65 (mm)Thickness 2.00 (mm)Thickness 2.11 (mm)Thickness 3.00 (mm)
r25.4 VVVVVV 
11/4″31.8 VVVVVV 
11/2″38.1 VVVVVV 
50.8   VVVV 
21/2 63.5   VVVV 
3″76.2   k VVVV 
31/2″88.9   VVVVV
r101.6   VVVVV
41/2″114.3     VVV

Note: In addition to the above specifications, we also can be customized according to customer specifications, material pipe products.

Stainless steel heat exchanger tube specification size and production standard

The size of the heat exchanger is mainly based on the medium flow rate, flow rate and so on, for the gas, more stringent requirements, because the gas into the shell side can easily cause vibration, need to adjust the size of the nozzle to control the flow rate. The length of the nozzle is mainly determined by the installation dimension and space of the connecting equipment of the heat exchanger.

In the market, we must focus on the floating head heat exchanger and condenser, fixed tube plate heat exchanger, U-tube heat exchanger and other common specifications.

Stainless steel HEAT EXCHANGER PIPE Size:
Material Name: Outside diameter x wall thickness
Seamless tube: 10.0~88.9 x 1.0~6.0mm Welded pipe: 12.7~76.2 x 0.5~3.05mm

The main production standards for heat exchanger tubes are as follows:
ASME sa213/sa213m “Seamless ferrite and austenitic alloy steel tubes for boilers, superheater and heat exchangers”;
ASME sa688/sa688m “Welded austenitic stainless steel tubes for feedwater heaters”
ASME sa789/sa789m Seamless and welded ferritic/austenitic stainless steel tubes for general use
ASME sa249/sa249m “Welded austenitic steel tubes for boilers, superheater, heat exchangers and condensers”

gb13296-91 “boiler, heat exchanger stainless steel seamless pipe” in practical applications, heat exchangers often require non-standard design, at this time the heat exchanger tube length does not meet the standard.

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