December 5, 2018

Asia’s steel trade faces multiple challenges

From November 12 to 14, 2018, the eighth Asia Steel Forum was held in Seoul, South Korea. Expert representatives of iron and steel industry who come from Asian countries and regions has conducted extensive discussions on hot issues such as iron and steel import and export, industrial policies, the fourth industrial revolution and trade measures. Participants said that weak domestic demand and trade friction are important challenges that the development of the steel industry faces at present, and the abuse of trade protection measures is bringing about adverse impacts in many aspects. For the development of China’s steel market, Xia […]
September 27, 2018

Seamless Steel Pipe for vessels, equipment, fittings and mechanical structures

GB/T8162 – China National Standard  ASTM  A53 – American Society for Testing and Materials Standard ASME SA53 – American Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code Uses: for the manufacture of seamless pipes for pipes, containers, equipment, pipe fittings and mechanical structures Mainly produced steel pipe grades: 10, 20, 35, 45, Q345, 15CrMo, 12Cr1MoV, A53A, A53B, SA53A, SA53B, etc. Dimensional tolerances: Steel pipe type Outer diameter (D) Steel pipe wall thickness (S) Cold drawn tube Steel pipe outer diameter (mm) Allowable deviation (mm) Steel pipe wall thickness (mm) Allowable deviation (mm) >30~50 ±0.3 ≤30 ±10% >50~219 ±0.8% Hot rolled tube >219 ±1.0% >20 ±10%   Mechanical […]
September 12, 2018

Protective coating for petroleum pipe

Protective coating for petroleum pipe and preparation method and construction method thereof   [57] Abstract The invention provides a protective coating for oil pipes and wellheads and downhole equipment used in oil and gas drilling, oil recovery and transportation. The protective coating comprises, by weight percentage, 55 to 95% of polyphenylene sulfide, 3 to 30% of adhesion enhancer, and 1 to 20% of abrasion resistant enhancer. A surface wettability converting agent may also be included in the range of 1 to 15%. It can prevent or reduce the high temperature, high pressure, high hydrogen sulfide and carbon dioxide, high salt content and other strong […]
August 17, 2018

What is the difference between pipe vs tube?

What is the difference between pipe vs tube? A pipe is a round tubular to transport or distribute fluids and gases. Steel pipes are designated by a nominal size value (NPS or DN), which represent a rough indication of their inside diameter and fluid conveyance capacity. A tube is a round, rectangular, squared or oval hollow section measured by outside diameter (“OD”) and wall thickness (“WT”), expressed in inches or millimeters.  Pipes are used for conveying fluids and gases; tubes are used to manufacturing pressure equipment (tubing) and for mechanical applications. PIPE INSIDE DIAMETER The word “steel pipe” refers to round […]
August 3, 2018
api gas pipeline

What are the risks of natural gas pipeline construction?

Abstract: The construction of long-distance transportation natural gas pipeline system is to achieve the purpose of long-distance pipeline transportation of natural gas, so that users along the line can obtain the required gas volume to meet the needs of users.       The construction of long-distance transportation natural gas pipeline system is to achieve the purpose of long-distance pipeline transportation of natural gas, so that users along the line can obtain the required gas volume to meet the needs of users. The procedures for pipeline construction are complicated. Long-distance pipeline systems are generally buried pipelines. Pipe trenches need to be dug. For […]
June 16, 2018

Difference Between SCH 40 and SCH 80 Steel pipe

“Schedule 40” and “Schedule 80” refer to the thickness of the walls of pipes. “Schedule” is the standard of wall thickness that has been adopted by the American National Standards Institute. As per the Institute, the thickness of wall pipes varies from Schedule 10, Schedule 40, Schedule 80, and Schedule 160. Pipes with Schedule 40 come with standard weight, and pipes with schedule 80 come with extra strength. The materials used for making Schedule 40 and Schedule 80 come from the same material. Schedule 80 pipes have a thicker wall than Schedule 40 pipes. As such, Schedule 80 pipes are […]
May 21, 2018
A53 Seamless & Welded (ERW) Steel Pipe

Steel weight calculation formula

Steel weight calculation formula  steel formula –steel weight calculation formula –mass calculated steel steel weight (kg) = 0.02466 × thickness × (outer diameter – wall thickness) × length  bar Weight (kg): Weight per meter = 0.00617 * diameter * diameter  rebar weight (kg) = 0.00617 × × diameter was calculated diameter × length (rebar and the same round)    square steel weight (kg) = 0.00785 × side edge width × length × width  angle weight (kg) = 0.00785 × (edge width edge width + – edge thickness) × length × thick side  plate weight (kg) = 7.85 × × thickness area  […]
May 16, 2018
ssaw steel pipe

Spiral steel pipe manufacturing process

Spiral steel pipe production process and straight seam steel pipe is different: the strip coil as raw material, often warm extrusion molding, automatic double-wire double-sided submerged arc welding process welded spiral seam steel pipe. 1. Raw Material Inspection 2. Uncoiling 3. Rough Leveling  4. End Cutting and Butt Welding 5. Precision Leveling 6. Delivering 7. Forming By Inner and Outer Welding  8. Welding Slag Cleaning & Overall Inspection  9. repair Welding, X-Ray Inspection, Scanning, And Re-Inspection By Manual UT 10. Chamfering  11. Hydrostatic Testing 12. auto Length-Measuring and Weighing  13. Coating and Marking  14. storage       (1) Raw […]
May 16, 2018
carbon-steel-pipe,boiler pipes

What is the OD, inner diameter, nominal diameter of steel pipe?

What is the outer diameter, inner diameter, nominal diameter of steel pipe?       The diameter of steel pipe can be divided into outer diameter, inner diameter and nominal diameter. The outer diameter of the pipe with the antiseptic spiral steel pipe is denoted by letter D, followed by the size and wall thickness of the outer diameter. For example, the anticorrosive spiral steel pipe with an outer diameter of 108 has a wall thickness of 5mm, which is expressed by D108*5. The plastic pipe is also expressed by the outer diameter, such as De63. Others such as reinforced concrete pipes, cast […]
April 14, 2018
steel pipe for sea water

Erosion and Corrosion in Pipeline for Sea Water – Part 1

INTRODUCTION Marine problems are of national importance• At the present time, the U# S* Government is stimulating interest in marine activities in many areas. Examples of problems receiving attention are shore erosion, harbor protection, sea-water intrusion of the fresh-water table, navigation, underwater transportation, oceanographic exploration, hydrofoil ships, nuclear-powered vessels, iceberg movements, seafood, pollution control, etc* One program which has gained national and international interest is that of the Office of Saline Water to develop methods of converting sea or brackish water to fresh water. For highly saline waters, such as sea water and brines from salt wells, many today favor […]