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May 3, 2017
Internal and External Coating Steel Pipe

Uses of Internal and External Coating Steel Pipe

Internal and external coating steel pipe due to the inner wall of epoxy resin, so the surface smooth, reduce fluid resistance, reduce flow resistance, increase the flow, and not scaling, not easy to breed microorganisms. To solve the ordinary fire water supply pipe and galvanized steel pipe buried and water corrosion and scaling problems, will not occur clogging the pipeline and plug the phenomenon of the spray, the protective layer does not fall off, uplift, softening, blistering, cracking, peeling. Reduce the phenomenon of adhesion to improve the life of the fire water supply pipeline, while the fire inside and outside […]
March 27, 2017

JIS standard seamless steel pipes

Japanese Commercial Standards (JIS) developed by the company apply to a wide array of commercial services and technologies such as autos, metallurgy, ships and medical equipment. Seamless steel pipe is likewise called CDS pipes (Cold drawn seamless pipe). It’s is used widely in matching parts, shafts, bearings, cylinders having strength of 75000 PSD tensile. It is a solid carbon steel rod which is pressed on to the mandrel to form the shape of tube. It is offered in different sizes. The technique for making cold-drawn smooth pipes involves taking a round “billet” or bar of steel and boring it in […]
March 7, 2017

customer from turkey visit our company

Customers Husiyin from turkey visit our Seamless steel pipe factory today.he need 500 tons 4“ ASTM A106 seamless pipe .accompanied by general manager Lisa and sales manager sky. Husiyin visited the production equipment We negotiated with Husiyin for the detail of the seamless steel specification,.Finally we reached a preliminary agreement .
March 7, 2017

President Speech on 4th,Oct.

President Speech on 4th Oct If the enterprise want to take the “innovation” as one of the most important cultural concept, we have to encourage inter-departmental communication and cooperation, also multiple background fusion. General Manager Talk on 4th Oct The most important thinking of the internet is the user thinking. User thinking refers to consider all aspects of the value chain with ” User-Centric”. As the manufacturer, should to build “User-Centric” enterprise culture from all aspects of the entire value chain, only depth understanding of user can survive. No agreement , no contract. Manager Afternoon Tea on 11thOct. The importance […]
February 24, 2017

Welcome Egypt Client Visit Hebei Abter

Warmly welcome our client from Egypt to visit Hebei Abter Steel for a comfirmed ERW steel pipe order. The purpose for this meeting is to confirm order related detailes.During the meeting,we listened our client’s requirements and solved his concerned in mind.   Hebei Abter group is a leading supplier and exporter of steel pipes in China. Abter is an exporting company who is jointly invested by 6 top steel factories ,with the purpose to providing multiple products and professional services to the clients.we establish a long -term business relationship with many Group company.Our company is a large scale enterprise which […]