API 5L X52 pipe & A105N Flange WNRF – Texas Customer Trade List

16" Line Pipe - Seamless-steel-pipe
Purchase List for 16″ Line Pipe & Elbow – Customers from Pakistan
April 1, 2018
API 5L X Grades: X52 X56 X60 X65 X70 Welded & Seamless Pipe
Brussels Water Pipeline project Purchase list : API 5l x52, PSL2 Pipe
April 2, 2018

API 5L X52 pipe & A105N Flange WNRF – Texas Customer Trade List

api 5l x52 line pipe

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API 5L LSAW line pipe

API 5L liquefied natural gas pipeline

#Plate Thickness (mm)Wt/m2 (kg/m2)Need to order (m2)Single plate area (m2)Required Quantity (Pcs)Material GradeGrade DesignationRemarks


#Item DescriptionWt/m (kg/m)Need to order (m)Member length (m)Required Quantity (Pcs)Material GradeGrade DesignationRemarks
1PIPE OD 457.2X7.92THK87.793.561API 5L GR.B24.III 
2PIPE OD 406.4X22.22THK210.53962API 5L GR.X5236.II 
5PIPE OD 273X6.35THK41.77261API 5L GR.B24.III 
6PIPE OD 219.1X15.88THK79.54661API 5L GR.X5236.II 
9PIPE OD 219.1X8.18THK42.5387615API 5L GR.B24.III 
10PIPE OD 219.1X6.35THK33.31361API 5L GR.B24.III 
11PIPE OD 168.3X18.26THK67.55155626API 5L GR.X5236.II 
13PIPE OD 168.3X12.7THK48.722064API 5L GR.X5236.II 
16PIPE OD 114.3X8.6THK22.4280614API 5L GR.X5236.II 
17PIPE OD 114.3X6.02THK16.07862API 5L GR.X5224.III 
18PIPE OD 88.9X11.13THK21.342264API 5L GR.B24.III 
19PIPE OD 88.9X7.62THK15.2755610API 5L GR.X5236.II 
24PIPE OD 60.3X5.54THK7.483065A106 GR.B24.III 
25PIPE OD 60.3X5.54THK7.48170629API 5L GR.B24.III 
30W16x4059.531011.81DNV AH3636.II 
32W14x2232.7420011.817DNV AH3636.II 
35W12x1928.2837011.832DNV AH3636.II 
36W8x8x3552.0910011.89DNV AH3636.II 
40C150x7518.611.811.81DNV GR A24.III 
45L-60x60x65.424511.84DNV GR A24.III 


#Item DescriptionWt/m (kg/m)Need to order (m)Member length (m)Required Quantity (Pcs)Material GradeGrade DesignationRemarks
1FB 150×1011.77560610DNV GR A24.III 
2FB 150×89.42450675DNV GR A24.III 
3FB 75×84.71561DNV GR A24.III 
4FB 70×105.5200634DNV GR A24.III 
5FB 60×62.83461DNV GR A24.III 
6FB 50×103.93661DNV GR A24.III 
7FB 50×62.361062DNV GR A24.III 
8FB 30×61.413065DNV GR A24.III 
9FB 20X60.942180630SS316L  
10Square Bar 22 mm3.85069DNV GR A24.II 
11DIA 50 Solid Round Bar15.4161DNV AH3636.II 
12DIA 45 Solid Round Bar12.52.261DNV AH3636.II 
13DIA 44 Solid Round Bar11.91.261DNV GR A24.III 
14DIA 20 Solid Round Bar2.5361DNV GR A24.III 
15DIA 19 Solid Round Bar2.23161DNV GR A24.III 
16DIA 19 Solid Round Bar2.23261DNV AH3636.II 
17DIA 16 Solid Round Bar1.580.561DNV GR A24.III 
18DIA 12 Solid Round Bar0.888561DNV GR A24.III 
19DIA 10 Solid Round Bar0.617261DNV GR A24.III 


#Item DescriptionNeed to order (Nos)SpecificationsRemarks
1Stud Bolt M24x120mm Long Gr 8.8 Full Thread C/W Gr.8 H.H Nut, Lock Nut & Washers, Blue Fluorocarbon Coated7ASTM 568 8.8 ASTM F563M 8 ASTM F436 Type 1 
7M12 x200Lg with HH Nuts and Washers36ASTM 568 8.8 ASTM F563M 8 ASTM F436 Type 1 
9M12x40mm Long Machine Screw Gr 8.8 Flat Head & Hex. Head Nut Gr. 8, Teflon Coated.220ASTM 568 8.8 ASTM F563M 8 ASTM F436 Type 1 
10M12x56mm long Machine Screw Gr 8.8 Flat Head & Hex. Head NutGr. 8, Teflon Coated.680ASTM 568 8.8 ASTM F563M 8 ASTM F436 Type 1 
14M10x80L H.H Bolt & Nut10Gr. 8.8 HDG 
15M10x80 Hex Head Bolt c/w Nut14AISI 316L 
19130mm Long Cotter Pin Dia. 10115SS316L 
#Item DescriptionNeed to order (m,m2)SpecificationsRemarks
1Neoprene Gasket 2mm thk3 
25×12 Tension Bands250SS316L 
33 mm Tie Wire273S.S 
46mmx900mm Long Safety Chain3SS316L 
5Steel Mesh 2″ – 9 GA. Chain Link Fence,103Gal and Vinyl CoatedWidth 1,6m
6No. 4x12mm Sq. Mesh1SS316L 
7180×150 Oak Timber7 


     Quantity (Nos) 
#DescriptionSizeScheduleRatingEstimatedContingencyTotalMaterial SpecificationsNeed to order (Pcs)Remarks
Process Nozzles
1Flange WNRF2″80150#112A105N2 
2Flange WNRF2″80150#112A105N2 
3Flange WNRF2″80150#112A105N2 
4Flange WNRF3″40150#112A105N2 
5Flange WNRF2″80150#112A105N2 
6Flange WNRF2″80150#112A105N2 
Instrument Connections
1Flange WNRF2″80150#213A105N3 
2Flange WNRF2″80150#213A105N3 
3Flange WNRF2″80150#213A105N3 
4Flange WNRF2″80150#213A105N3 
5Flange WNRF2″80150#213A105N3 
1Flange WNRF24″20150#112A105N2Blind Flange with Davit
Note: Above quantities include for one spare for each diameter.
Refer to Diesel Storage Tank Datasheet (Ref [3]) for detail

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