Paip OCTG 5CT API gandingan, 4-20 inci,hujung yang panjang, R1, R2, R3

API 5CT tiub spesifikasi , J55 / L80 / N80 / C90 / P110
Disember 21, 2016
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DARIPADA 2391 Sejuk dikeluarkan tiub keluli lancar,ST-52 lancar Precision keluli tiub
Disember 23, 2016

Paip OCTG 5CT API gandingan, 4-20 inci,hujung yang panjang, R1, R2, R3

gandingan octg api 5ct

gandingan octg api 5ct

Abter is a professional industrial pipe manufacturer based in China, kami telah mengeluarkan paip untuk pelbagai aplikasi, dan meliputi bidang-bidang pembuatan paip, Eksport dan perdagangan.

Abter menawarkan pelbagai gandingan untuk sarung, Tubings dan talian paip. Tiub / Sarung dan talian paip gandingan dikeluarkan bagi memenuhi syarat-syarat API Persijilan 5L CT dan API 5 masing-masing.

A coupling is a device used to connect two shafts together at their ends for the purpose of transmitting power. Gandingan biasanya tidak membenarkan pemotongan aci semasa operasi, however there are torque limiting couplings which can slip or disconnect when some torque limit is exceeded.

The primary purpose of couplings is to join two pieces of rotating equipment while permitting some degree of misalignment or end movement or both. By careful selection, installation and maintenance of couplings, substantial savings can be made in reduced maintenance costs and downtime.

The primary function of API is to define and prepare standards to qualify the oil and fuel industry, making sure the security and reliability of the commercial devices. Oleh sebab itu, the devices with API spec is not only thought about as extremely certified but leading placed in the field as well.

Classification of API

API is divided into 3 groups: tubing in grades H40, J55, and N80; restricted-yield tubing grades L80, C90, and T95; high-strength tubing in smooth grade P110. The number in the grade designation represents the most affordable yield strength of the steel in thousand psi. API defines the yield strength as the tensile stress required to produce a particular total elongation per unit length on a standard test specimen.

Casing coupling
Saiz:4 1/2″-20″
Jenis benang: STC,Jangan sekali,BT

Tubing coupling
Saiz:2 3/8″-4 1/2″
Jenis benang: NU,EUE


detailed info about API 5CT OCTG pipe Couplings

produk: OCTG Sarung paip, API 5CT, Sarung paip, Casing Steel Pipe
Casing Size: 4 – 20 inci.
Ketebalan dinding: 5.21 mm – 15.88 mm
Jenis benang: BTC, STC, Jangan sekali.
Panjang: R1: 4.88 – 7.62m, R2: 7.62 – 10.36m, R3: 10.36 – 14.63m.


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