API 5CT dàn vỏ ống,Mỏ dầu vỏ bằng thép ống

Giàn giáo ống
ASTM A106 GR. B mạ kẽm giàn giáo ống,48.3mm,SCH 40 Thép
tháng Giêng 12, 2017
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ASTM A53 thép ống, OD 219.1mm SCH 40, SRL,DRL ống
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API 5CT dàn vỏ ống,Mỏ dầu vỏ bằng thép ống

API 5CT dàn vỏ ống

API 5CT dàn vỏ ống

Tên: API SPEC 5CT Seamless Steel Tubes
Ứng dụng: It is widely used for vỏ dầu và ống in oil wells
Models: J55,N80,L80,P110 vv.

Dung sai kích thước:

Types of steel tubesĐường kính ngoàiBức tường dày
Cold-rolled tubesTube sizes(mm)Dung sai(mm)Dung sai(mm)
<114.3± 0,79-12.5%

Tính chất cơ học:

Mã tiêu chuẩnMô hình của ống thépTensite strength(MPa)Năng suất strength(MPa)Elongation(%)Độ cứng
API SPEC 5CTJ55≥517379~ 552kiểm tra bảng
N80≥689552~ 758
L80(13CR)≥655552~ 655≤241HB
P110≥862758~ 965




1. Kích thước: TỪ: 1.05″ vov 1/2 “, 26.87MM to 114.3MM

W.T:2.87 MM TO 16MM
Chiều dài: R1, R2, R3
2. Tiêu chuẩn & Lớp: API 5 CT, H40, J55, L80, N80, T95, P110
3. Chứng nhận: API 5CT,EC,ISO9001


1. Kích thước: TỪ: 4″ 1/2″ -20″ 114.3MM to 508MM

W.T:5 MM TO 16MM

Chiều dài: R1, R2, R3

2. Tiêu chuẩn&Lớp: API 5 CT, H40, J55, K55, M65, L80, N80, T95, P110






  1. vỏ người nói:

    What is the meaning of well casing pipe in petroleum drilling?

    • quản trị viên nói:

      Well casing is Steel tubing that is threaded. Pin on bottom and box on top. Terminology: OCTG – oil country tubular goods, API – American petroleum institute
      The pipe is either steel plate that is welded or seamless tube that is formed.
      The well is drilled to a depth that is considered ‘as deep as possible’. Casing is then lowered into the well/hole and cemented in place. At that point you could drill out the casing and continue to go deeper with the casing holding the well bore stable above.

  2. Johny Jackson nói:

    what is the Application of API 5CT casing pipe?

    • quản trị viên nói:

      According by usage can be divided into the sleeve pipe, vỏ bề mặt, casing and production casing.
      Each well depending on the depth of drilling and geological conditions, to use several layers of casing.
      vì thế, the casing consumption accounts for over 70% of all the oil well pipe.
      API 5CT casing pipe is used to support the oil and gas pipe wall, and to ensure the drilling process and the post-completion wells normal operation. After cementing casing to be used to go down, it different from tubing, drill pipe and can not be reused, a one-time consumable materials.

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