February 17, 2017
EN10210 ERW Steel pipe

EN10210 Hot dipped galvanized steel pipe oil drilling pipe

detailed info about EN10210 Hot dipped galvanized steel pipe oil drilling pipe Product EN10210 Hot dipped galvanized steel pipe oil drilling pipe Pipe Size seamless: 10mm~863mm Thickness 2mm – 100mm Length Fixed: 5.8, 6.0, 11.8, 12.0m; Random length 5-12m; other length as per customers’ requirement Standard 1. ASTM: ASTM A106 GR.A; ASTM A106 GR.B; ASTM A53 GR.A; ASTM A53 GR.B; ASTM A333; ASTM A210; ASTM A179; ASTM A192 2. JIS: JIS G3454 STPG 370; JIS G3455 STS 370; JIS G3456 STPT 370 3. DIN: ST52; DIN17179 4. API: API 5L GR.B, X42, X52, X60, X70; API 5CT Material 1. 10#, 20#, […]
February 14, 2017
oil casing pipe

high quality API 5CT casing and tubing for oil and gas drillings

Steel casing is kind of pipe that normally runs underground. It can be utilized to protect items inside the pipeline or to provide an additional barrier between the matter in the pipeline and the earth. Another name for these products is encasement pipelines. The pipes are typically placed in the ground in separate sectors and then bonded together. In some cases, pipeline can be threaded through a pre-existing hole or tunnel. The latter technique is generally needed since the hole was drilled, instead of dug from ground level, due to an obstruction such as a roadway or a river. Tubing […]
February 13, 2017
API 5L smls steel pipe

API 5L Casing Pipe J55/K55,OCTG smls steel pipe manufacturer

Seamless pipe line issued for the mechanical structure, hydraulic equipment ,which is have precision size ,good surface finish.It can greatly reduce mechanical processing hour and improve material utilization, and to improve the quality of products. High quality of cold draw seamless pipe line are mainly use the 10# 20#.In addition to ensure chemical composition and mechanical properties,it will check by Hydrostatic test,crimping,flared and Squashed test. specifications of API 5L Casing Pipe Item API 5L steel casing pipe Standard ASTM A53, A106, API 5L, ASME B36.10M-1966 DIN1626, DIN1629, DIN17175, DIN 2448 JIS G3452,JIS G3454,JIS G3455,JIS G3456,JIS G3457,JIS G3461 Material Q235, 20#, Q345 A53B, A106B, API 5L B,X42,X46,X52,X60, X65  ST37.0,ST35.8,St37.2,St35.4/8,St42,St45,St52,St52.4 STP G38,STP G42,STPT42,STB42,STS42,STPT49,STS49 Outside Diameter 1/4″—24″ (DN8-600)  (10mm~630mm) Wall Thickness Sch5S~XXS(1mm~150mm) SCH10,SCH20,SCH30,STD,SCH40,SCH60,XS,SCH80,SCH100,SCH120,  SCH140,SCH160,XXS,DIN, JIS standard thickness Length Fixed: 3.0 , 5.8 , 5.85 , 5.9 , 6.0 ,11.8 , 12.0m.   Random length: 5-12m Surface PE, 3PE, FBE, Black Painting, Varnish Paint, Anti-rust Oil, Hot Galvanized, Cold Galvanized, Uncoated,etc. connection type Stud welding, collar connection, socket connection      
February 7, 2017


So whether you need material in days or weeks, we can help you with Game-Changer customized solutions for your situation. OCTG (OIL COUNTRY TUBULAR GOODS) / API-CASING, – TUBING, – DRILL PIPE Massive Limited Service Casing inventories located at company-owned processing facilities — in proximity to highly active oil and gas production sites — allows us to quickly handle your requirements with minimal shipping time and expense.   Our facilities are managed and operated by experienced and dedicated personnel using state-of-the-art processing equipment with thorough quality control inspection techniques, so you can be assured of products from a reliable source […]
January 16, 2017
API 5CT Seamless casing tube

API 5CT Seamless casing tube,Oilfield Steel Casing Pipe

Name: API SPEC 5CT Seamless Steel Tubes Applications: It is widely used for oil casing and tubing in oil wells Models: J55,N80,L80,P110 etc. Dimension Tolerance: Types of steel tubes Outer Diameter Wall Thickness Cold-rolled tubes Tube sizes(mm) Tolerances(mm) Tolerances(mm) <114.3 ±0.79 -12.5% ≥114.3 -0.5%,+1% Mechanical Properties: Standard codes Models of steel tubes Tensite strength(MPa) Yield strength(MPa) Elongation(%) Hardness API SPEC 5CT J55 ≥517 379~552 check the table K55 ≥517 ≥655 N80 ≥689 552~758 L80(13Cr) ≥655 552~655 ≤241HB P110 ≥862 758~965     SEAMLESS OIL TUBE: 1. Size: OD: 1.05″ to4 1/2 “,  26.87MM to 114.3MM W.T:2.87 MM TO 16MM Length: […]
January 4, 2017

API 5DP Steel Drill Pipe, OD 2 7/8″ EU Grade X95 Oil Drill Pipe for well drilling

API 5DP SPEC drill pipe is a type of steel pipeline with screw thread in the pipe end. It is utilized for linking ground rig devices and drill grinding equipment at the bottom of drilling wells. The main function of drill pipes is to transfer drilling mud to the drill bit. It rises, decreases and turns together with the drill bit. Its strength must withstand the pressure, torque, vibration and other forces caused by the drill hole. In the oil and gas exploration and refining procedure, API 5DP drill pipe can be utilized for several times. JST supplies a variety […]
December 29, 2016
n80 oil casing seamless steel pipe

API 5CT N80 Oil and Gas Casing Pipe, OD 177.8mm,WT9.19mm casing tube

The N80 oil and gas API casing pipe includes N80-1 and N80-Q types. These 2 products are consistent in the chemical structure and mechanical residential or commercial properties, and are simply different in the heat treatment. This type of item is commonly utilized in the oil drilling process. As its mechanical homes are greater than J55 and K55 types, it can be used to some a little more complex developments. With much deeper downhole depth than J55 and K55 types, it can be utilized for the exploitation of middle-level oil and gas. Due to the high efficiency of N80 material, […]
December 22, 2016
api 5ct octg coupling

API 5CT OCTG pipe Couplings, 4-20 inches,threaded end, R1,R2,R3

Abter is a professional industrial pipe manufacturer based in China, we have been producing pipe for a variety of applications, and covering areas of pipe manufacturing, exporting and trading. Abter offers a wide variety Couplings for Casing, Tubings and Line Pipes. The Tubing / Casing and Line Pipe Couplings are manufactured to meet the requirements of API 5CT and API 5L certifications respectively. A coupling is a device used to connect two shafts together at their ends for the purpose of transmitting power. Couplings do not normally allow disconnection of shafts during operation, however there are torque limiting couplings which […]