Tubo perforado&Tubo de filtro de agua para pozo geotérmico&Tubo de filtro de agua del pozo de aire acondicionado

pozos inclinados y pozos direccionales
℃ ~ 12, 2022
Tubo de cribado revestido de doble capa&Tubo de cribado de control de arena para pozos de petróleo
℃ ~ 25, 2022

Tubo perforado&Tubo de filtro de agua para pozo geotérmico&Tubo de filtro de agua del pozo de aire acondicionado

  1. Tubo perforado

    We supply hole-drilled pipes of various specifications and materials and provide hole-drilling services, and you are welcome to call and inquire us!
    Diameter of hole-drilled pipe:114mm,127mm,140mm,168mm,178mm,219mm,245mm,273mm,325mm,406mm,426mm,530mm,630mm。
    Materials of hole-drilled pipe: Acero inoxidable, acero al carbono, J55,N80,and L80.

    2. Tubo de filtro de agua para pozo geotérmico

    A geothermal well filter pipe is composed of a base pipe of API standard and a wire-wound filter pipe of high precision.
    pozos inclinados y pozos direccionales:
      1.It has strong pressure bearing capacity. With the support of the inner-layer base pipe, even if external filter pipe is deformed partially, the gap will not increase, and sand control performance will be more reliable. It is fit for a harsh service environment.
      2.The gap of the outer-layer screening pipe is uniform, the error is as small as 0.05mm, which can control sand effectively.
      3.Gap density of the screening pipe is better than other screening pipes, which reduces the flow resistance and greatly improves the water yield.
      4.Continuous V-shaped structure reduces the water penetration speed and alleviates the pressure on the pipe body and the equipment.
      5.Pipe diameter is smaller, which reduces the difficulty of drilling construction.
      6.Materials of the base pipe is J55, K55, N80, etc of API standard, those of the outer-layer screening pipe is 304 stainless steel or high quality low carbon steel, and other materials can also be used in accordance with the customer’s requirements as well.

    3.Tubo de filtro de agua del pozo de aire acondicionado

    The water filter pipe for air conditioning produced by our company is specially designed for water source heat pump system. It is used for water intake and recharge of water source heat pump well. This product has the following characteristics:
      1.High porosity. The porosity of this product is over 25%. High porosity can reduce water flow penetration speed, reduce the flow resistance, not only improves the effect of water intake and recharge, but also saves the energy consumption of water pumping and recharge.
      2.The gap is not be easily blocked. The gap structure is narrow outside and wide inside, and the gap will not be blocked by sand and stone, which prolongs the service life of the air conditioning well.
      3.The pressure-bearing capacity of the pipe body is big. There is no weld on the surface of this product. Compared with other welded pipes, it has a higher ability to bear pressure.
      4.Sand control effect is good. The gap control of this product is accurate, the error is small, outer-layer filter and sand particles can be effectively prevented into the well, and the loss of water pump equipment can be reduced.
      5.Convenient for construction. Compared with bridge pipe and cement pipe, this product is light in quality, convenient for being put into the well and the risk and other unsafe factors brought by construction can be reduced.
      6.Diversified materials. The pipe body is made of galvanized carbon steel, plastic sprayed carbon steel and stainless steel. Excellent material makes the pipe and filter material never stick with each other, which effectively ensure long-term permeability.

    Nota: The above is the common specification, we can design for outer diameter, gap and porosity according to the customer’s requirement to meet the customer’s needs for use.


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