December 29, 2018

API 5L Grade-B ERW Line Pipe Technical Specifications , 20″DN (508.0 mm)×WT 7.9 mm

Schedule of Requirements IFT NO. PD.2312/397-MECD/MEZ/PIPE.Materials: Line Pipe. Item No. Description of Goods Qnty Unit A. Line Pipe. As per detailed technical specifications at Section 7. Size and quantity are as follows:     A.1 DN 20″ x WT 7.9 mm API 5L Grade B, ERW 450 Meter. A.2 DN 16″ x WT 7.9 mm API 5L Grade B, ERW 5,600 Meter. Technical Specifications       IFT NO. PD.2312/397-MECD/MEZ/PIPE. API 5L Grade-B ERW Line Pipe 20″DN (508.0 mm)×WT 7.9 mm This Specification covers the manufacturer, acceptance and delivery of steel pipes with Electric Resistance Welded Longitudinal seam for gas line pipe. Said […]
April 28, 2018

ERW weleded pipe for Water supply project in Ethiopia, API 5L grade X52 ERW

provide me with an exworks price in Euro per tonne for the following steel casing pipes for boreholes, and also an approximate manufacturing period: Carbon steel pipes ERW weleded to API 5L grade X52 in 5.85m lengths: Outside diameter 6 5/8 inch, thickness 7.1 mm total length 420m Outside diameter 8 5/8 inch, thickness 7.1 mm total length 7,000m and Carbon steel pipes seamless to API 5L Grade B in 5.85m lengths Outside diameter 6 5/8 inch, thickness 7.1 mm total length 420m Outside diameter 8 5/8 inch, thickness 7.1 mm total length 7,000m    Productn Name seamless steel line […]
December 21, 2016

ERW Casing Technical Specification,J55 / K55 , PS / PSLB

ERW J55 / K55 Casing Technical Specification ,PS / PSLB Outside Diameter Nominal Weight Wall Thickness Grade Connection Type* in. mm lb/ft kg/m in. mm 5-1/2 139.70 14.00 20.83 0.244 6.20 J55/K55 PS 15.50 23.07 0.275 6.98 J55/K55 PSLB 17.00 25.30 0.304 7.72 J55/K55 PSLB 6-5/8 168.28 24.00 35.72 0.352 8.94 J55/K55 PSLB 7 177.80 20.00 29.76 0.272 6.91 J55/K55 PS 23.00 34.23 0.317 8.05 J55/K55 PSLB 26.00 38.69 0.362 9.19 J55/K55 PSLB 8-5/8 219.08 24.00 35.75 0.264 6.71 J55/K55 PS 28.00 41.67 0.304 7.72 J55/K55 PS 32.00 47.66 0.352 8.94 J55/K55 PSLB 36.00 53.62 0.400 10.16 J55/K55 PSLB 9-5/8 […]
October 4, 2016

differentce between ERW pipe and EFW pipe

differentce in between ERW pipe and EFW pipeline A53 SCH40 ERW PIPELINE vs EFW PIPELINE EFW are considerably different than ERW Electric Resistance Welded Pipe. Current is then passed between the 2 edges of the steel to heat the steel to a point at which the edges are required together to form a bond without making use of welding filler material. Initially this manufacturing process utilized low frequency A.C. existing to heat the edges. This radio frequency process was used from the 1920’s up until 1970. In 1970, the radio frequency process was superseded by a high frequency ERW process […]
June 26, 2016

ERW steel pipe

The ERW steel pipe is also known as straight joint pipe. According to the wall density, the bonded tube is categorized into typical types and thick-walled types. We can offer items with personalized wall thickness according to customers’ particular requirement with a thickness deviation of no more than 0.25 mm. With sizes between 1/2 inch and 24 inch, our ERW steel pipes go through rigorous examinations and tests, so about make sure the welding quality, external size precision, ovality, cut lengths, pipe end quality, wall density tolerance, and packaging quality are all conforming to API5L, ASTMA53, GB/T9711.1, or GB/T3091 standards. […]
September 26, 2015
erw steel pipe

ASTM A53 ERW steel pipes OD 210mm SCH40

ASTM A53 ERW steel pipes OD 210mm  ASTM A53 steel pipes is highly used to convey fluids at low / medium pressures such as oil, gas, steam, water, air and also for mechanical applications. Advantage of ERW pipe ERW pipe, among the largest advantages is that only television billet ends are heated throughout the manufacturing procedure, for that reason the rest of the entire ERW pipe continues to be tidy and just the welding component has to be cleansed. This lowers the post-welding cleaning job, mainly enhancing the functioning performance as well as saving cost. Owing to the practically clean combined with […]