May 23, 2018
insulation steel pipe

Steel Pipe With Heat Insulation | polyurethane thermal insulation steel pipe

Insulation steel pipes are widely used in liquid and gas transmission pipe networks, chemical pipe insulation projects in petroleum, chemical, central heating and heating networks, central air-conditioning ventilation pipes, and municipal engineering. High-temperature prefabricated direct-buried thermal Insulation steel pipe is a direct-buried prefabricated thermal Insulation steel pipe with good thermal insulation performance, safety and reliability, and low construction cost. Specification 1.The pre-insulated steel pipe coated with high density polyurethane foam can resistant the temperature up to 140°c. 2.With the corrosion resistant hdpe jacket pipe can make the pipe directly buried underground without trench. 3.Different size pipe and pipe fittings can […]
May 21, 2018
A53 Seamless & Welded (ERW) Steel Pipe

Steel weight calculation formula

Steel weight calculation formula  steel formula –steel weight calculation formula –mass calculated steel steel weight (kg) = 0.02466 × thickness × (outer diameter – wall thickness) × length  bar Weight (kg): Weight per meter = 0.00617 * diameter * diameter  rebar weight (kg) = 0.00617 × × diameter was calculated diameter × length (rebar and the same round)    square steel weight (kg) = 0.00785 × side edge width × length × width  angle weight (kg) = 0.00785 × (edge width edge width + – edge thickness) × length × thick side  plate weight (kg) = 7.85 × × thickness area  […]
May 16, 2018
ssaw steel pipe

Spiral steel pipe manufacturing process

Spiral steel pipe production process and straight seam steel pipe is different: the strip coil as raw material, often warm extrusion molding, automatic double-wire double-sided submerged arc welding process welded spiral seam steel pipe. 1. Raw Material Inspection 2. Uncoiling 3. Rough Leveling  4. End Cutting and Butt Welding 5. Precision Leveling 6. Delivering 7. Forming By Inner and Outer Welding  8. Welding Slag Cleaning & Overall Inspection  9. repair Welding, X-Ray Inspection, Scanning, And Re-Inspection By Manual UT 10. Chamfering  11. Hydrostatic Testing 12. auto Length-Measuring and Weighing  13. Coating and Marking  14. storage       (1) Raw […]
May 16, 2018
carbon-steel-pipe,boiler pipes

What is the OD, inner diameter, nominal diameter of steel pipe?

What is the outer diameter, inner diameter, nominal diameter of steel pipe?       The diameter of steel pipe can be divided into outer diameter, inner diameter and nominal diameter. The outer diameter of the pipe with the antiseptic spiral steel pipe is denoted by letter D, followed by the size and wall thickness of the outer diameter. For example, the anticorrosive spiral steel pipe with an outer diameter of 108 has a wall thickness of 5mm, which is expressed by D108*5. The plastic pipe is also expressed by the outer diameter, such as De63. Others such as reinforced concrete pipes, cast […]
May 10, 2018
16" Line Pipe - Seamless-steel-pipe

API 5L Line pipe PSL1 / PSL2

Line pipe specification: 10.3-2032×1.7-39.7mm   Executive Standard: GB/T9711.1/API SPEC 5L Uses: Used for gas, water and oil transportation in oil and natural gas industry API SPEC 5L-2011 (Line Pipeline Specification), prepared and published by the American Petroleum Institute, is common across the world. Line pipe: It transports oil, gas or water pumped out of the ground to the oil and gas industry. The line pipe includes two kinds of seamless and welded pipe. The pipe end has a flat end, a threaded end and a socket end; the connection mode is a terminal welding, a coupling connection, a socket connection, and the […]
May 7, 2018
Galvanized Steel Scaffolding Pipe

Galvanized Steel Pipe knowledge

galvanized steel pipe full knowledge Galvanized pipe, also known as galvanized steel pipe, hot dip galvanized and electrogalvanized two, hot galvanized galvanized layer thickness, with uniform coating, strong adhesion, long life and other advantages. Zinc electroplating has a low cost, the surface is not very smooth, and its own corrosion resistance is much poorer than hot dip galvanized pipe.  The galvanized steel pipes are widely used in construction, machinery, coal, chemical, electric power, railway vehicles, automotive industry, roads, Bridges, containers, sports facilities, agricultural machinery, petroleum machinery, prospecting machinery manufacturing industry. Product Name                         […]
April 22, 2018

The difference between ERW, SSAW, LSAW(UOE) Steel pipe

According to the different pipe-making process, the steel pipe can be divided into seamless steel pipe (SML), which is mainly used as the internal oil collection pipe and small-diameter high-pressure natural gas transmission pipe. The number of long-distance oil and gas transmission pipelines is very small, and most of the long-distance pipelines are It adopts three types of straight seam high-frequency welded pipe (ERW), spiral submerged arc welded pipe (SSAW), and LSAW (LSAW). The following table shows the process characteristics and quality performance comparisons of several types of steel pipes: ERW PIPE API ERW Carbon Steel Pipes Standard related to Grade: […]
April 20, 2018
API 5CT PSL1 Oil Casing Pipe

Common Oil Casing Technical Standards,API 5CT Standard Casing Tbuing specification

Common Oil Casing Technical Standards,API 5CT Standard Casing Tbuing specification Common oil casing technical standards No. Check test  API standards specify tolerances              API  standard quasi- constant with the oil jacket tube gauge grid  Φ 60. 3×4.83 Φ 73 × 5.51 Φ 88.9 ×6.45 Φ 101.6 ×6.65 Φ 114.3 ×6.88 Φ 114.3 × 6.35 Φ 139.7 ×7.72 Φ 177.8 ×9.19 Φ 95.25 × 6.5 ( 2-3/8” ) EU ( 2-7/8” ) EU ( 3-1/2″ ) EU ( 4” ) EU ( 4-1/2” ) EU ( 4-1/2” ) LC ( 5-1/2” ) LC ( 7” ) LC ( 3-3/4” ) 1 External diameter  D Φ 60. 3±0.79 Φ 73.02 ±0.79 Φ 88.9 ±0.79 Φ 101.6 ±0.79 Φ 114.3 Φ 114.3 Φ 139.7  Φ 177.8  Φ 95.25 ±0.79 2 Wall thickness  – 12.5 % t 4.83 5.51 6.45 6.65 6.88 6.35 7.72 9.19 6.5 (4.23) (4.82) (5.65) (5.82) (6.02) (5.56) (6.76) (8.04) (5.67) 3 Ovality Thickened Outer Diameter Tolerance: 0 to 1.59mm, pipe end to thickened end La=152.4mm ( 2-3/8” ), La=158.75mm (2-7/8”), La=165.10mm (3 -1/2″), La=165.10mm (4”), La=171.45mm (4-1/2”)                        ≤ 0.75 % ellipticity =   […]