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März 26, 2019
Kann 14, 2019

Heavy Weight Bohrgestänge (HWDP)

Heavy Weight Bohrgestänge (HWDP)

Heavy Weight Bohrgestänge (HWDP)

Our Heavy Weight Drill Pipe (HWDP) offers a gradual transition from heavy, rigid drill collars to the more flexible drill pipe which helps to reduce

the number of fatigue failures seen directly above the Bottom Hole Assembly (BHA).

We offer heavy weight in 3.1/2″, 4", 5″ and 5.1/2″ consisting of hard banded tool joints and raised wear pads on central upsets to optimize wear


We offer two types of HWDP configurations; Standard HWDP and Spiral HWDP.

Standard HWDP
Prevents stress concentration and allows directional drilling with controlled torque and reduces differential pressure sticking.

Spiral HWDP
Designed to handle maximum stresses induced at harsh drilling environments in vertical and directional wells.

Shares many of the same features from the Standard HWDP.
Better reduction in differential sticking
Increased weight and stiffness
Minimizes wear
Improves cutting circulation for better hole cleaning

Our preferred applications of hard banding for drill pipe tool joints and BHA components (HWDP, Drill Collars) are ARNCO 350XT or Duraband NC, both NS-1 certified; which are not only designed to protect the drill pipe from wearing but also to protect the casing. We use a robotic welding system for

hardbanding drill pipe.

HWDP – 3.500 – NC38
HWDP – 4.000 – MT39
HWDP – 4.000 – XT39
HWDP – 5.000 – NC50
HWDP – 5.500 – HT55
HWDP – 5.500 OD x 3.250 ID – DPMDS55
HWDP – 5.500 OD x 4.000 ID – DPMDS55

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