Common Oil Casing Technical Standards,API 5CT Standard Casing Tbuing specification

API 5CT Seamless Casing Steel Pipe Psl1 BcLC
API 5CT PSL casing tubing product specification range
April 20, 2018
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April 22, 2018

Common Oil Casing Technical Standards,API 5CT Standard Casing Tbuing specification

API 5CT PSL1 Oil Casing Pipe

Common Oil Casing Technical Standards,API 5CT Standard Casing Tbuing specification

Common oil casing technical standards

No.Check test API standards specify tolerances             API  standard quasi- constant with the oil jacket tube gauge grid 
Φ 60. 3×4.83Φ 73 × 5.51Φ 88.9 ×6.45Φ 101.6 ×6.65Φ 114.3 ×6.88Φ 114.3 × 6.35Φ 139.7 ×7.72Φ 177.8 ×9.19Φ 95.25 × 6.5
2-3/8” EU2-7/8” EU3-1/2″ EU4” EU4-1/2” EU4-1/2” LC5-1/2” LC7” LC3-3/4” )
1External diameter 

Φ 60. 3±0.79Φ 73.02 ±0.79Φ 88.9 ±0.79Φ 101.6 ±0.79

Φ 114.3

Φ 114.3

Φ 139.7 

Φ 177.8 
Φ 95.25 ±0.79
2Wall thickness – 12.5 t4.835.516.456.656.886.357.729.196.5
3OvalityThickened Outer Diameter Tolerance: 0 to 1.59mm, pipe end to thickened end La=152.4mm ( 2-3/8” ), La=158.75mm (2-7/8”), La=165.10mm (3 -1/2″), La=165.10mm (4”), La=171.45mm (4-1/2”)

                       ≤ 0.75 ellipticity  
4Straightnessa. The string height shall not exceed 0.2 % of the total tube lengthb. Within the length of 6ft 1.83m ) of the tube ends , it shall not exceed 1/8in 3.88mm ).
5Length of R1: (6.10 m to 7.32 m ) R2 : ( 8.53 m to 9.75 m)R2 level 7.62 8.53 )~10.36m R3 level 10.36 10.9 7~14.63m)
6Heavy volume        

7Tube body The depth of appearance defect is not more than 12.5 % of the standard wall thickness of the pipe body .
8Through path 

          Diameter gauge=1067mm =d-(2.38,3.18)mm

        Diameter gauge =152mm =d-3.18mm
9Tube body          Exterior

a. The tube ends are chamfered and must be completely inverted at the end of the tube 360 degrees; the diameter of the chamfer should make the thread bottom disappear at the chamfer, not disappear at the tube end, and no knife-like thin edge appears. There should be no burrs on the inner and outer edges of all tube ends. b. The tube end is within the minimum length Lc of the full top thread , and the thread has no obvious tear, knife cut, wear scar, shoulder, or continuity defects. The first buckle can’t have glitches. c. 2-3/8” ” black top thread shall not exceed buckles.            
10Single parameter

        Taper 0.0625 pitch ± 0.003 in/in (cumulative pitch ± 0.006 in) tooth height 0.07125 in tooth angle ± 1.5 degrees
11Close distance±3.17500000-25.4-15.875-22.2250
15TightMachine tight position J=12.772 – 7778~8384-8986-9189-9499~105112~118124~13084-89
16ConnectorOutside diameter±%D77.893.17114.3127141.3127153.67194.46108
17length 123.82133.35146.05152.4158.75177.8203.2228.6146.05
18Hole Φ67.4680.1696.85109.55122.25116.68142.08180.1896.85
19Hole H9.539.539.539.539.5312.712.712.79.53
20Bearing surface (≥)3.975.566.356.356.353.973.184.76 
twenty oneThe minimum weight Kg1.552.44.14.826.054.156.4210.83 
twenty twoSingle parameter

  Taper 0.0625 pitch ± 0.003in/in (cumulative pitch ± 0.006in) tooth height 0.07125 in / concentricity 0.78mm
twenty threeTight distance ± 3.1756.356.356.356.356.359.5259.5259.5256.35
twenty fourExteriora Finished collars must not have cracks, cracks, and voids that can be checked; from the center of the collar J to the end of the pipe, the threads should be free from any obvious tears, cuts, scratches, shoulders, or any imperfections in continuity. There must be no burrs on the inner and outer edges of both ends; b. Allowable depth of flaws for pits and round bottom chisels: <3-1/2” (0.76mm) < 6-5/8” (0.89mm); grip marks and sharp bottoms The allowable depth of cut of the chisel is less than 6-5/8 (0.76mm); c. The surface of the threading surface of the coupling thread is tested with the test solution and the color change time is more than 3 minutes; after the phosphating, the color is light gray or dark gray. The film should be dense, continuous, and uniform in crystal, and loose Phosphate film layer, rust and green spots, local non-phosphating film, and serious ashing on the surface should not be allowed.
25Color codeBodyJ55: One Green K55: Two Green N80-1: One Red N80Q: One Red and Green Belt L80-1: One Red Belt and Brown Belt P110: One White Belt
26CouplingJ55: Green and a white band (no white band on the tubing) K55: Green N80-1: Red N80Q: Red and a green band L80-1: Red band and a brown band P110: White
27Marking size Body: <4-1/2″: 4.8mm ≥ 4-1/2”: 6.4mmCoupling <4-1/2″: 6.4mm
Note: (1) This technical standard is based on the contents of API Spec 5CT and 5B (the latest edition). (2) Development date: November 2008

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